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6 Good Signs Your Life is More on Track Than You May Think

6 Good Signs Your Life is More on Track Than You May Think

We live in a period where society may make us feel that success equates to figuring out what your purpose in life is. You have goals, dreams, and a concrete perception of who you want to be⁠— and it seems like you have no progress at all. Fortunately, this might not be true at all. Either you have time to get back on track or are not as far off as you assumed. 

For people who just graduated, are in a middle of an existentialist crisis, or are stuck in life's hurdle, it's normal to feel anxious about our progress. Whenever we are in this state, we often get frustrated and hopeless with ourselves. 

By good fortune, when falling into such a dilemma, we can immediately snap back to reality and remind ourselves that our progress— big or small— is taking us closer to our goal. Many self-help books from an online bookstore in the Philippines guide us to be grateful. These online bookstores in the Philippines help thousands of Filipinos not be too hard on themselves. 

Whenever we feel stuck, take note of these consequences that you may stumble upon:

  • No motivation to do things to progress forward.
  • Unhealthy thoughts affect our decision-making process.
  • Delay in obtaining the results we expect.

There are signs everywhere indicating that we're on track more than you think. 


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1. You're learning.

If reading a few pages from the book you purchased in an online bookstore in the Philippines is part of your routine— you're not stuck. Doing your best to obtain more knowledge and upskill will take you somewhere you haven't known yet. You are inspired to start a business, be a better person, or become a life coach that motivates hundreds of people.

Keep learning every day. Books will take you somewhere remarkable.


2. You're curious.

If life, in general, piques your curiosity, you still have the spark of flame that pushes you to explore. Believing in the vast possibilities in the future prevents you from killing a promising future. Be curious because life has so many greatness and wonders we have yet to discover.


3. Your well-being is excellent.

Success is hard to achieve if you don't take care of your general health. What're a million pesos worth if you aren't healthy enough to enjoy it? If you invest in your health, you open more room to let other significant matters fall into their rightful place.


4. You know your passion.

Knowing what you want in life is crucial to making savor the most out of it. Once a person figures out what ignites their passion— coding, online marketing, art, fixing cars, engineering— you already won half the battle.

You'd be astounded by how remarkable each experience is and be amazed at how much it has taught you while continuously realizing how much you don't know yet.


5. You listen and follow.

Expect that you don't know everything and if someone appears in your life that is smarter than you, learn how to listen. Contrary to popular belief, following directions and listening are skills highly sought after by companies. Taking the time to listen and comprehend the context is a humble attitude that will take you to places. 


6. You know how to pay your dues.

You perceive work as a learning opportunity. Regardless if you're currently in your dream vocation or career, you know the significance of paying your dues. The reality is, that you should be productive as you work towards your success. 

People who are dedicated to doing difficult tasks in every way without skipping anything have the rare skills to understand their chosen field.  Patience is hard to come by these days. If you know how to grind, then you know how to win life.



No matter how stuck it may seem, always choose to step back and question whether that's true or not. The key to moving forward is exercising an immense amount of discipline to recognize the signs of your fruitful progress.

What are your signs of progress?