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6 Habits For A Healthier, At-Home Work Day

6 Habits For A Healthier, At-Home Work Day

Creating healthy habits is always hard in the beginning. It isn't easy despite wanting to work on becoming the best versions of ourselves.

For the most part, it takes almost 2 months to form a new, consistent atomic habit which happens to be available in an online bookstore in the Philippines. However, it ranges anywhere from a few weeks to months, depending on the specific habit you are trying to do. Between the fast-paced lifestyle we currently live, and the constant distractions we experience elsewhere, holding on to a new and healthy habit seems almost impossible to achieve.


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You found yourself feeling great about the consistent dedication you pour into doing yoga every day and yet feeling absolutely guilty about dropping off the new diet trend after only a few days. 

Creating healthy habits shouldn't have to be overcomplicated to the point where you are left with loads of ambitious goals that is difficult to achieve. The best way to begin is to start doing a routine that takes only a few tweaks.

As cliché as it sounds, there's no shortcut to success and it requires consistency, hard work, and dedication. Ready to pick up some great new habits? Read on and explore these tips from a popular online bookstore in the Philippines.


1. Stop Hitting Snooze.

If you hate how noisy your alarm goes once it alarms, you aren't alone. When that blaring tone starts waking you from your sweet slumber, don't hit snooze. Once you sleep again, you wake up feeling unmotivated and groggy which throws off your productivity. 

Note: Set up your alarm clock a bit far from the bed. In that way, it will force you to get up and start your day.


2. Stay Hydrated

Of course, you always hear it to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Just don't overdo that. How significant water is to our body? It regulates body temperature, delivers sufficient oxygen, flushes body waste, and many more. For what it's worth, a body that is properly hydrated feels more energized to hustle the day.


3. Take a Mental Break

Working on the same task for many hours oftentimes feels like running towards a dead end.  As a result, it's more likely that you will have a hard time creating innovative solutions to a problem, or your ideas may not flow. When this happens, it's high time to step away from your work area and take a 10-minute break after 90 minutes of hustle.

Note: Try setting a timer or an alarm to help remind you to rest and relax now and then. Mental burnout is real and it's a big distraction to achieving your goal in a day.


4. Eat Healthy Snacks

No matter how much you convince yourself that vending machines are a great food option, you won't find a healthy vegetable salad in there. Sadly, a vending machine may be convenient for a grab-and-go lunch, these food snacks aren't going to satiate you, make you feel good, or fill you up. Always store fresh fruit in your office fridge to give you a more nutritious and better food option.

Note: When you crave afternoon junk food, always keep roasted almonds, dried fruits, trail mix, and seaweed in your desk drawer.


5. Move Your Body

Studies found that sitting for more than five hours a day equates to smoking 1.25 packs of cigarettes. Super YIKES. If you work and sit all day, try to stretch your legs, walk a bit, and stretch again. Take the opportunity to use the stairs whenever you enter and leave a building. Later on, these sacrifices will return as your body won't feel too exhausted.

Note: According to a credible experiment, walking stimulates creative thinking.


6. Prep Your Lunch

As much as it is too tempting to opt-in for fast food, you are fully aware of how it does no good to your body. If it makes you feel terrible after, why eat it when you need to be at your best at the peak of a mental performance? Consider prepping for your food and make it into a habit. Try to cook food options that are easier to prep in bulk for the entire week. 


Good, Healthy Work Habits Take Time to Form

There is numerous variety of healthy habits to add to your daily lifestyle, but the best ones guarantee to make your #growth move positively forward. From healthy lunch spreads, daily walking, meditation, and keeping hydrated, these small ways are the only way to live productively. To know more about living a meaningful time, don't forget to browse our catalog in one of the best online bookstores in the Philippines.

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