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This Book Can Help Turn Your Scars Into Symbols of Strength

This Book Can Help Turn Your Scars Into Symbols of Strength

In order to move on, turn their leaving into a lesson.


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Reading Bianca Sparacino's The Strength in Our Scars is like getting a consoling hug from a dear friend. At some point in life, were you having doubts about whether you're worthy of the good things in life? The objective of this book is to remind you that you deserve all the care and love that you offer to others. It's difficult to love others without loving ourselves first.


“Sometimes courage is a quiet fight, a dim softness within you, that flickers even on your darkest days and reminds you that you are strong, that you are growing—that there is hope.”


The wound is an aftermath from conquering life's struggle thrown at you— and with wound comes before the scars. As we take a look at our scars, it brings traumatic or significant nostalgia. However deep these scars are, they can change us; stronger, wiser, and BETTER. As much as we hate acknowledging the bad parts, the world is expected to give us beauty and pain. Above all, the greatest lesson you will learn from this is a gift, too.

It takes a lot of courage to finally move on. Leaving you bewildered how someone can be drowned in a painful mess and expect to stay living. When this happens, don't hesitate to rebuild the brokenness. Don't mourn the pieces left from the circumstances; instead, look at it from a place of healing. From this, choose to create yourself again. Choose YOU this time.


“If the world does not understand the way you burn, do not hideaway. Instead, set it on fire. Show them what you can do with all of that hope inside of you.”


Every so often, trace the fragment of your past that has left you to remind you that you fought something bigger and was able to survive. Even out of our control, people come and go to teach us a meaningful lesson. How we should not shrink nor settle for less. Let them leave, but their lessons should remain. That's what matters the most. 


“Are there any rules when it comes to love? There is just one: Let it change you. Let it leave you better than you were before.”


As much as your loved ones want to share the blue, your happiness rests in your hands. You are the captain of your ship; the writer of your book. And the important decision to move forward and embrace life as it is is something that you alone can do. At the end of the day, regardless if they don't completely agree and refuse to understand, do it only for the peace of you. What counts is how you perceive yourself. Being in charge of your worth, of your future. Be your own validation.


“If you are ever going to survive, if you are ever going to come out of the chaos, you have to collect the moments that have inspired you deeply in life and fold them into yourself every night for safekeeping.” 


The truth is, your decision may not be the right one. You are not always going to be your best self. Having mistakes is part of your becoming. These mistakes will pile up inside you and it's in your human nature to hold it against yourself, but let it go. Learn to detach. One day, you'll realize how life's stumbles have conspired to help you grow. Most importantly, it helped bring out the best of you.