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5 Online Job Sites for Job Hunting in the Philippines

5 Online Job Sites for Job Hunting in the Philippines

Ah, job searching. It's difficult, nerve-racking, and exceptionally tough throughout these trying situations.

Searching for a stable job used to be a difficult task – but not any longer. We no longer seek employment on discussion forums, walls, billboards, or in newspapers. People nowadays depend on the Internet for just about everything. And for job applicants, something that used to be checking today's newspaper or having to look into wall posts of physical establishments is now simply clicking or tapping on a device whenever and wherever they want.

Numerous job details and portals have emerged as a result of the proliferation of web-based sites and pages. But, with hundreds to thousands of job portals to choose from, which are the best to use when looking for work in the Philippines?

After indulging yourself in helpful books from an online bookstore in the Philippines, we put together a list of some of the websites that you can visit when you are looking for a job. The following are the top ten job portals in the Philippines:


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1. Jobstreet

JobStreet, one of Asia's leading employment marketplaces, has long served as a go-to online job site for professionals and recent graduates. The website is simple to use and contains over 30,000 job postings. You can also search for jobs on the go by downloading their app. JobStreet has a multitude of job postings ranging from customer service positions to opportunities in education. You can look for jobs by title, skills, job type, or industry.

JobStreet also provides salary matching, in which you enter your desired salary, and the site filters out opportunities based on that amount.


  2. Kalibrr

Kalibrr, among the most popular internet job sites in the Philippines, is comparable to JobStreet in that you must first create an account before you can begin exploring opportunities. Because this is the first thing companies see when you search for a position, you must create a profile that reads like a resume. Applying for jobs on this website is simple: click the "apply" button, and your profile will be sent to the organization.

Kalibrr also provides skill tests that can help you improve your profile. The more tests you take, the more impressive your profile appears to be.


3. Indeed

Indeed claims to be the world's most popular job site. Before you can search for opportunities, you must first set up an account and a digital resume, just like on other online job sites. Vacancies on the website range from positions in the IT field to roles in the service sector.

You can apply for job openings with the click of a button, and your online resume will be sent to the company. They can contact you via the messaging feature on Indeed.


4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is far more than a job board—it's a professional networking platform. You can publish articles and deep insight, post pictures, and meet other people, just like on your preferred social media site. But of course, you have to keep it professional.

Furthermore, LinkedIn has a wealth of useful blog posts and tutorial videos to assist you in aceing your job application. LinkedIn Learning, where you can take free or paid online courses about almost anything, is also available on the job site.


5. Online Jobs

Tired of your daily commute to work? Why not experiment with working from home? Online has a wide range of remote job opportunities from companies across the world. The job site serves as a conduit for employers to connect with Filipino professionals looking to work from home. The site includes an ID-proof feature that determines both business owners' and job candidates' trust scores. Your ID trust rating will increase when you provide more information that proves your identity.



Job hunting during a pandemic is stressful, especially since over four million workers have already lost their jobs. Try to be optimistic about your job search. Browse these online job boards and keep an eye out for openings that match your experience and skills.

This is also a good time to think about what you want out of your career. Take online courses to hone your skills and create an eye-catching resumé to impress employers. It's perfectly fine if you're feeling down. Take some time to unwind and regroup, or you may burn out and jeopardize your job search.