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6 Good High Income Skills You Can Teach Yourself in 2022

6 Good High Income Skills You Can Teach Yourself in 2022

Exploring new skills outside your comfort zone and figuring out how to monetize them help you find new, interesting opportunities. The most important part is, that it's possible to learn the majority of these skills for FREE! 

High income skills you can teach yourself in 2022

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Your diploma or degree allowed you to hone a set of skills; however, it's only a tiny part of who you are and what you can give to the world. Frankly speaking, there's a whole bucket of skills acquired from the vast experiences you have encountered, and the more you display what you're capable of, the more in-demand you will be.

Aside from grabbing great reads in this online bookstore in the Philippines, begin working on a career that makes you more valuable in the marketplace with these six skills!

1. SEO

When you type any queries into a search engine, the search engine itself automatically does its magic to show you hundreds of pages that are relevant to what you are looking for. 

ICYMI, there are various strategies to make websites better and user-friendly so that the Google algorithm recognizes them and moves them up the list. This is what they call Search Engine Optimization (AKA SEO). This article probably is high enough up in Google for you to click on it. If this was placed on the farther page of your search, it's unlikely you would have seen this. 

Rest assured that SEO is quite a demand as companies try to bring in more organic views to their products and websites. Organic traffic is different as it is made up of people driven enough to find the answer to the questions they're seeking. Even online bookstores in the Philippines rely upon most of their digital campaigns in SEO.

Career Paths:

  • SEO Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Search Engine Marketer
  • Marketing Analyst

      2. Blockchain Development

      Regardless of its relatively recent development, blockchain technology instantly became a multi-billion-dollar industry. In consonance with Statista, global expenditure on blockchain solutions is expected to reach $19 billion by 2024. The reason for this is due to its application in managing and creating cryptocurrencies. Learn more about blockchain development in one of the best online bookstores in the Philippines.

      As the world simultaneously explores the realms of blockchain technology, it is undoubtedly that a lot of new job opportunities emerge with blockchain skills in the coming years.

      Career Paths:

      • Smart Contracts Engineer
      • Blockchain Quality Engineer
      • Blockchain Solution Engineer
      • Blockchain Developer

        3. Web Development

        Skills in web development are exceptionally in demand across an extensive range of industries, paving the way to equally diverse careers. These include but are not limited to more conventional roles as cybersecurity specialists, front-end, full-stack, or back-end developers, etc.

        One interesting niche one should take note of is low-code programming— where developers can build beautiful and high-functional websites with little to no raw code at all. 

        Fortunately, much of web development can be learned through reading books from online bookstores in the Philippines; especially since low-code platforms exist everywhere like WordPress. It's easier for non-techies to build professional and beautiful websites in a short time; especially if you are eager to educate yourself through the resources available in this online bookstore in the Philippines.

        Career Paths:

        • Cybersecurity
        • Database Management
        • Low-code Web Designer
        • Full-Stack Development
        • Frontend Development
        • Backend Development

          4. Cloud Computing

          Sounds new to you, isn't it? This is an exciting new field that aims to change the way people work online. Fundamentally, cloud computing allows organizations of different sizes to make use of data centers and remote servers; rather than having to maintain and install their own physical IT architecture.

          As companies begin to shift their businesses online and modernize their operations, we can anticipate seeing sustained and rapid adoption of cloud computing technologies. As a result, higher demand for experts in cloud computing is to be expected in the near future.

          Career Paths:

          • Cloud Administrator
          • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
          • Cloud Security Engineer
          • Cloud Engineer
          • Cloud Architect

          5. Video Marketing

          It may seem that Search Engines like Bing are Google's most immediate rival, but it isn't not even quite close. As it happened, YouTube which has at least 2 billion end-users logged in per month, is the world's second-largest search engine as claimed by the Search Engine Journal.

          By 2022, video is expected to be the primary source of viewed web content. It gathers 85% of every single web-related traffic, associated with the fact that video is utilized by businesses as their marketing tool. Armed with the right skills through browsing an online bookstore in the Philippines, this unsaturated gold mine will give birth to a lot of career opportunities.

          Career Paths:

          • Content Creator
          • Video Editor
          • Video Producer

            6. Big Data

            By definition, it pertains to the science of processing and harvesting enormous amounts of data to extract useful information that improves decision-making. As a result of accurate decision-making, businesses save money, time, and effort. This explains why data analysts are anticipated to be in high demand in a foreseeable future

            As stated by the World Data Science Initiative, data analysts may receive a paycheck as high as $130,000 by 2022.

            Career Paths:

            • Data Architect
            • Data Scientist
            • Database Manager
            • Data Engineer
            • Data Analyst 

            The following careers listed above are only the tip of the iceberg. Keep in mind that the progressive evolution of technology brings more job functions and roles in the coming years.