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Why read every day— 7 Reasons For You To Read As A Habit

Why read every day - 7 reasons for you to read as a habit

When was the last time you finished reading a book, or an online article? Does your daily reading routine revolve around skimming your Facebook updates, tweets, or DM's, as your breakfast? If you are one of those people who don't read regularly, you are missing something out. 

By merely reading, it has helped people grow that has been more beneficial to them than any other habits. When one doesn't read not to pass time but to expand their knowledge and wisdom by sitting and opening a book. Literature has, in a way, influenced our outlook on different things.


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In this article, let's break down the benefits one can acquire when they read on regular basis. Let's begin!


1. Reading relieves stress

    Simply opening a book you love allures your mind to delve into its pages. Several studies have shown that reading helps reduce stress by 68%. Most of the time we take this for granted since we are engrossed in reading more important things like emails, newspapers, and bills. 

    Your book doesn't have to be the best-seller or the most expensive display in the bookstore. What matters is the subject piques your interest. Picking something you want is significant, too, so you won't be compelled to do this. You are engrossed in the book that your mind is no longer in the present moment; but in the realm where the story is taking place. On the other hand, an engaging article keeps you distracted by thinking about something else.

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    2. Reading expands your vocabulary

      This benefit is always emphasized by people who have a daily reading habit. There is no other way to be exposed to a new body of words but thru reading. The more you engage in this habit, the more your vocabulary widens. 

      Whenever you read and get exposed to new words mentioned in the book, involuntarily, you look for its meaning to better understand the story. By doing this, you give yourself the luxury to embrace learning it. Writers and even public speakers can attest to how beneficial reading is in their career. Their written and verbal communication has improved their ability to articulate thoughts and express feelings accurately.  



      3. Reading improves self-awareness.

        How often does it happen where you get to reflect on a character's behavior? Relating it to yours, and does the exact opposite to avoid a horrible dilemma faced by the character? 

        Self-awareness is vital for our growth. However, the path towards achieving it isn't as easy as 1,2,3. Through reading, we get to experience perceptual awareness. By internalizing the scenarios and advice from the book, we are making a sense of it using all our senses. Self-awareness is proportional to your self-esteem. So when recognizing that you have become more confident, the more productive and better person you will be. 

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        4. Reading boosts your memory.

          When reading a book, not only do you internalize the story, but you get to meet all sorts of characters then remember their role in every story. Honestly, that's quite a lot to remember. For that reason, it is because our brains are marvelous; and can recollect various things without breaking a sweat.

          Interestingly enough, every time you create a new memory, you forge new synapses or brain pathways. The existing ones become stronger, too. Assisting in short-term recollection and stabilizing your moods. Isn't that cool?

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          5. Reading improves your concentration.

            In a fast-paced world, we are exposed to an environment where multi-tasking is a norm. Opening up multiple tabs at once, feeling like our brain will implode any time. 

            However, this isn't what we feel in reading. In a span of a few minutes, instead of chatting with several people at once, our mind focuses on the book that we are holding. We are pulled inside the world of the story. Immediately, our surroundings slip away from reality.

            It looks like we become a spectator standing away from the events transpired in the book. And, that phenomenon is what they call immersion reading. 

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            6. Reading leads to an inspired living.

              One of the best things that changes your life when you read every day is it encourages you to walk through the path of inspiration. Improving your spiritual path for your life is magical and beautiful. It appeals to a more personal level to you.

              Picking up your favorite self-help book brings you back to your happy place. Whenever you find yourself stuck in a dark alley, reading inspiration books brings you back on track. To keep you aligned without going astray. Make a list of ideas that interests you. Find authors whose books resonate with this chapter of your journey. This way, you'll feel at ease knowing you are in good hands. 

              Regardless of whether we are independent when life gets tough, we seek people who have experienced the same as ours. It gives us a sense of certainty that there's hope in conquering our own nightmares.  

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              7. Reading offers entertainment.

                For someone who doesn't like to spend a lot on expensive sort of leisure activities, buying or borrowing a book is your best option. 

                There are a lot of options where you can get one. A low-budget entertainment can easily be acquired by visiting your local library. Books stack inside surely will bask in the glory if they are being read. The library is a great place to look into as it caters to various subjects, genres, and interests imaginable. With that said, you won't run out of materials to read.

                Many libraries also have books available in ePub or PDF format so you can download them and open one even during your travel on your iPad, e-reader, or computer screen. 

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                Despite having a jam-packed schedule, always find time to do yourself a favor by reading every day. Not only will you feel better at the moment, but your future self surely will benefit from developing a reading habit. 

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