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Top 5 Effective Online Learning Platforms in 2021

ic:Top 5 Effective Online Learning Platforms in 2021

Explore new skills.

As observed from the past few years, people have various options as to which platform to get a proper education. It drastically changed and evolved from the traditional setup to attending classes in the comfort of your home. 

Whether you intend to learn marketable skills or to explore a class for fun, it's now easier to acquire new skills by only signing up! These platforms are time-flexible and offer specific classes that aren't in a traditional college. We now take importance on the prospective options that suit best to our preferences.

To know where to sign-up, here is a list of recommended online learning platforms for you.


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1. Skillshare

This platform conducts less formal classes and aims more at improving different creative skills. Aside from that, its courses include business and marketing, visual arts, interior design, animation, photography, writing, film, and many more. The majority of the courses involve assignments and a series of video lessons to encourage students to practice, too. 


  • $32/month or $168/year- Premium Membership with unlimited access to 27,000 classes 
  • FREE Membership with unlimited classes to 2,000 classes


2. MasterClass

What's interesting in this platform is that they make writers, musicians, A-list actors, artists as the teacher. Like a traditional class, these courses consist of 20 lessons to conduct in-depth lectures on any topic of your choice. 

Each course is video-based, with demonstrations and practical advice incorporated with workbooks, class discussions, and lectures. You can enroll in as many sessions as you wish due to its subscription-based system. 


  • $180/year with unlimited subscription and access to all its classes. 

Unfortunately, they don't offer a free trial. 


3. Coursera

Coursera offers real academic courses that allows you to get an online degree for a lesser cost. 

The platform has made partnerships with at least 200 companies and universities to provide learning experiences. Oftentimes, earning your degree or certificate through Coursera increases your chances of professional benefits such as promotions, raises, and more. 

It maximizes the advantages of multimedia by allowing professors to construct classes, grade quizzes and assignments, upload videos, and other elements identical to a real college class. 


  • $39 - $89 per month with access to one course.


4. Udemy

The site is more of a central portal where students easily access over 100,000 courses on any topic they desire. 

Arts, language, fitness, and arts are also available alongside courses on business, teaching, programming and IT, productivity, and much more. Aside from this, the instructors have the freedom to design lectures with a mix of text elements, readings, audio, video, and further activities. 

In order to help you decide which course to take in, Udemy's platform allows its students to preview classes and offers a 30-day refund.


  • $11 to $200 depending on the type of specialization you wish to enroll.


5. Pluralsight

An online learning platform designed for working professionals who aspire to sharpen their skill set or learn a new one. It offers lessons like data science, information and cybersecurity, software development, and more. 

They have these mini-programs called "paths". It's a series of connected courses from a field of specialization like security certifications, creative skills for various software, and so on. These kinds of preset paths help you add more customization that suits your preference.

It holds more than 7,500 online classes across numerous paths. If you don't want the full-length pack, you can opt-in with individual courses.


  • $29/month for a personal plan
  • $449/year to enjoy all the regular courses and features with additional interactive courses



There are other notable platforms you should check, too. Your main concern is to make certain that you are learning and it should benefit you someday. So you won't regret spending your hard-earn money on a class that bores you. How do you choose which platform to settle on? By finding the platform that guides you in utilizing it to your advantage.