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Is it Time to Switch Things in Your WFH Routine?

Is it Time to Switch Things in Your WFH Routine?

It has been over three years since millions of workers suddenly found themselves working from home. We've gotten over the initial shock of making that change. Hence, if you took part in the official flight, you have established a habit.


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But shouldn't we try something new now? People from all over the world in making the transition between their homes and places of employment. Even small changes can make a big difference in your routine and give you a fresh start to the year.

We've laid out some of the factors at play as well as some strategies for implementing change.


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Reason #1: You're becoming tired of everything being the same.

When nothing has changed in over two years, the boredom can become too much to bear for a person working from home, which may be a sign that it's time to shake things up. You log in late and then go back to sleep instead of starting work on time. You yearn for more camaraderie among your staff. And it's the same old thing every day.

Changing your physical location can be a highly effective method for this. I've seen folks hang out at cafes, libraries, and even pools in warmer climates. You can set up shop in a co-working space if you prefer to work there.

There might be a time and attention cost to leaving the house and joining the crowd of people who are too busy to do anything else. But if it generally makes you feel energized and motivated, that's a win for efficiency.


Reason #2: Your daily habits at home have changed.

You might need to change your work-from-home schedule to accommodate changes outside yourself. Maybe your significant other has returned to work and is gone for most of the day; the kids have moved schools, and the pick-up and drop-off times have changed; or you just purchased a puppy and need to find time to take it for walks.

Because of these changes, you should think carefully about every step of your day. Should you begin your day a bit later or earlier? When it comes to getting to and from school and practice, do you need to find a carpool? Do you need to make any adjustments to your workout routine?

Recognize how changes in your home life have given you more or less time and adjust your expectations accordingly.


Reason #3: Your daily habits at home have changed.

When people started having the option to work from home, many began to take better care of themselves by using the time they would have spent commuting to get more rest in the morning or to go for a walk in the evening. Some people liked this, but for others, not having a regular work schedule and, therefore, a brutal end time meant they worked longer and, as a result, went to bed later. 

They stopped attending the gym at work and never returned to the habit. Yet others may have ditched the office salad bar in favor of Grab and realized that not even their stretchiest jeans were comfortable anymore.

When physically pulling back, baby steps are fine, to begin with. A few of the people I help are willing to put in as little as ten minutes a day at first, doing something simple like walking around the block. 

Taking five-minute walks rather than checking your phone during breaks is another option. It's just as quick, but it positively affects your well-being and productivity instead of negatively.