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How to Maintain Confidence While Searching for a Job for an Extended Period

How to Maintain Confidence While Searching for a Job for an Extended Period

Looking for a job for an extended period can make it difficult to maintain a positive attitude and recall past career accomplishments.

This can create a sense of cognitive dissonance when you have to promote your skills and capabilities to potential employers while feeling a lack of confidence. However, there are five effective strategies that can help you overcome this challenge.

By implementing these techniques, you can regain your confidence and maintain a positive outlook throughout the job search process.


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1. To boost your confidence during the job search process, it can be helpful to create a list of ten reasons why you are successful and review them every morning.

This exercise can help reframe negative thought patterns that may be undermining your confidence. It's not enough to simply write down your accomplishments; you must also actively condition your mind to think positively about yourself and your job search.

Instead of dwelling on rejection and other negative experiences, focus on the concrete reasons that have made you successful in the past. Consider what made you stand out in previous work environments and what skills you possess that set you apart.

By highlighting these strengths, you can reinforce your sense of self-worth and bolster your confidence as you continue your job search.

2. During a job search, it's essential to set daily and weekly goals to stay motivated and focused. 

When you're employed, you typically have a clear understanding of the tasks you need to complete each day, week, or month. However, when you're job searching, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the overarching goal of finding a new job. To combat this, break down your larger objective into smaller, more manageable tasks. Identify specific periods for updating your resume, practicing interview skills, researching potential job opportunities, and submitting applications.

Additionally, consider setting goals for tasks outside of your job search, such as completing home projects or personal tasks, to help you feel productive and accomplished. By setting achievable goals each day or week, you can maintain a sense of purpose and stay motivated throughout your job search journey.

3. One effective strategy to boost your job search efforts and regain confidence is to create a networking group.

Gather a group of professionals in your field, or even individuals from different fields if you're looking to switch careers. The purpose of this group is to meet periodically and support each other by brainstorming and providing feedback.

Discuss how you can transfer your skills and experiences to a new field or offer resume and interview feedback to each other. The group can also help generate job leads, connect members to additional resources or connections, and hold each other accountable for their goals.

Each meeting can serve as a confidence-building exercise as members work together to provide support and encouragement. Remember that your fellow group members believe in you, and they wouldn't be trying to help if they didn't have confidence in your abilities.

4. Volunteer

Volunteering is an excellent way to stay up-to-date with industry trends and develop new skills during a job search. It's essential to constantly think about upskilling throughout your career, and volunteering can provide a valuable opportunity to do so. By offering your expertise as a volunteer, you can remind yourself of your unique skill set and how it can add value to an organization.

In addition to skill development, volunteering can also have significant psychological benefits. Helping others can foster a sense of gratitude, and research consistently shows that grateful people tend to be happier as they focus on the positive aspects of their lives. Volunteering can be a fulfilling and positive experience that can also help you maintain a positive outlook during a job search.


Final Thoughts

Simply staring at the computer or waiting for a recruiter's call won't replace your old job. To rebuild your confidence during a job search, it's important to give yourself permission to job hunt for a specific period each day and then find other ways to empower yourself.

Confidence comes from feeling capable in both your mind and body to achieve anything you set your mind to. Therefore, it's crucial to build up your confidence during this time, so that you can truly believe in yourself. When you eventually find your next opportunity, you won't need the job to validate your self-worth.

By setting aside time each day to job hunt and engaging in other confidence-building activities, you can maintain a positive mindset and stay motivated throughout the search.