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Guide to Buying Affordable Brand New and Used Books in the Philippines

Guide to Buying Affordable Brand New and Used Books in the Philippines

It is without a question that most of us have hoarded a wide range of books than our typical habit of shopping spree. The emergence of online bookstores paved way for a convenient way to look for books— whether for a new great read or simply scrolling for good recommendations. Surprisingly, towering several book piles and not reading it yet is becoming a trend among the majority of readers and books enthusiasts. 

During these times of crisis, it's no wonder that people find comfort in reading. Also, as we face a major lifestyle change, spending time with books allows us to feel in control of our life. Inevitably, these noticeable changes are observed especially when we were experiencing home isolation. 

Aside from these obvious shifts, the consumption of media increases as well. Hence, encouraging people to read, read, read, and be informed. Find your great reads through looking at their online website or physical shop, and stumble upon rare finds. 

To help you with your dilemma, here's a guide in buying affordable brand new and used books in the Philippines that is handy for every book enthusiast. 


An online and local bookstore established at the height of Pandemic, readers have found solace from the books provided by Gregory. The main objective of Gregory is to provide books that are essential in the development of a person. Hence, their dedication to promoting reading as a habit among Filipinos of all ages. It is Gregory's vision to offer affordable and accessible self-development books to shape a community into aspiring leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs. For anyone whose goal is to become a better version of themselves, Gregory has the perfect books just for you. Gregory updates a list of books from time to time base on the requests of customers to cater to the different preferences of readers. Making certain that each will have a book that resonates with their journey. 

  • Online bookshop
  • IG & FB account: @gregorybooksph
  • Website:
  • Book Genre: Business, Finance & Self-development books

Estante Bookstore

This is a bookstore that surely makes design and architecture enthusiasts be in complete bliss. Also, most of their shelves are filled with hardbound titles. Here, you get to explore books featuring Verner Panton, Herman Miller, and Yayoi Kusama. Those people who are interested in the technique and art of building and designing, can't stop themselves from pre-ordering several copies of books about cities, famous architects, and homes, too. 

  • Location: San Antonio Village 1600 Pasig, Philippines
  • IG & FB Account: @estante.bookstore
  • Book Genre: Architecture and Design Books

Bookmark Inc.

This is a Filipino corporation with an initiative in mind to promote literacy and education, contribute to our country's development, and cultivate positive and ethical values among the Filipinos. Up to this day, they remain to publish textbooks that focus on Philippines themes and topics. Also, the uniqueness of this bookstore among other local stores is the fact that this is considered a treasure trove among popular authors and their published works. So you see, this store speaks nothing but the greatness of our culture among Filipinos.

To start hoarding books online, you may directly visit their store in Shopee:

Bookshelf 1010

Are you currently trying to channel the inner Filipino in you? This next online bookstore might excite you! If you are the type of person who collects various materials that centralize on Filipinos and the Philippines, you'll find yourself following this shop on Instagram. From new to used copies, there is so much to discover from their collection! Primarily, they provide books on various topics such as Philippine politics, history, endemic medicinal plants, and Philippine architecture. Stay updated since they conduct promos and sales now and then.

  • Online Bookstore
  • IG Account: @bookshelf1010
  • Book Genre: New and Pre-loved Filipiniana books

Uncommon Books

A small and independent bookshop that focuses on curated titles on Japanese design, psychology, and books featuring most of the renowned artists in the world. It is highly recommended that readers direct message or DM for a pre-order. They don't have on-hand books so it is expected that these books will be delivered and shipped later. Undoubtedly, people with an eye on artistry love books that show the aesthetics, arts, and culture of a few of the stunning and extensive architecture-centered countries. 

  • Online Bookstore
  • Instagram Account: @uncommonbooks
  • Book Genre: Design, Art, Tech & progress studies

The Libro Hunter

Are you up for a "mine" competition? You've read it right! The basis of obtaining books here is to be the first one to comment "mine". The Libro Hunter schedules uploads of their book collection that features a wide array of paperback and hardbound titles. Whether it is new or pre-loved, you can find it here! In each of its book uploads, the details that you need to know will be posted, too. These include book format, edition, or price. To get one, just type "save""next", or "mine" then settle with the transaction first before the owner delivered it to you.

  • Online Bookstore
  • Instagram Account: @thelibrohunter
  • Book Genre: Biographies, Essay collections & Fiction

Another new independent bookstore is added to our list! This is run by Pioneer Studies wherein the employees are the most creative artists. The same with Bookmark Inc., the company's main objective is to promote Philippine culture and art. Most of their titles vary in Architecture & Design; Visual Arts; News Media & Performance; Music & Dance; Theater; History, Criticism, & Theory; Cultural Heritage; Travel & Lifestyle; and Film & Photography. The team behind take delight in providing the best Filipino book to their customer that they offer weekly recommendations. Also, they provide international and local delivery, too.

  • Location: Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City
  • Website:
  • IG Account: @artbooks.oh
  • Book Genre: Variety of printed materials

Porch Reader Philippines

Porch Reader Philippines is a bookstore that is present in digital space, too. It is solely established to serve avid readers across the nation. Their books within anyone's budget are their utmost priority, too. From time to time, they would update their list to give room for modern and latest printed materials. The store is considered a good place to find the best titles from local and international authors. Their categories range from Children; Fiction;  Classic; Comics; Self-published; and Non-fiction. 

  • Location: 43 Unit E Marcelo H. Del Pilar St., Poblacion Polo, Valenzuela City Philippines 1444
  • Website:
  • Book Genre: Variety of printed materials started opening its door to booklovers in February 1999 and it probably is one of the pioneers of online bookstore websites in the Philippines. Apparently, this bookstore underwent dozens of incarnations to keep up with the current technological evolution. According to the owner’s statement in the “About Us” section on their website, customers from 1999 remain to be dedicated to their products and keeps on coming back. In their book list, there's a variety of books waiting such as fiction, non-fiction, Philippine publications, comics, and graphic novels. Try exploring their website and the overall design feels like going back to the past. The sense of nostalgia is so strong!

  • Website:
  • Book Genre: Variety of printed materials

Books for Less

A good online bookstore that provides second-hand books with a cut above from the other stores. For as low as P99, a variety of books in different genres can be yours! Additionally, they offer tons of promos and sales and currently have a 50% promo on their website. Unfortunately, with the Pandemic, their warehouse is temporarily close so all transactions are settled online. Also, they offer special offers which include:

  • Books by the box (Bulk orders at 50% off)
  • Book bundle for FREE (2 books and pay only for the price of 1)

More details here: 

  • Website:
  • Main Location: 14/F Goldloop Tower B, Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Landline: (02) 6338563
  • Mobile: (+63) 9176309999
  • Genre: Variety of printed materials

Barnes & Noble

A bookstore that follows the arrangement of the majority of the Instagram shops wherein they upload books per collection. Customers get to acquire their favorite reads based on first dibs. Fortunately, Barnes & Noble has several copies ready per book to accommodate the wave customers. You don't have to stress about typing "next" or "mine" quickly. It is also interesting that their books are one of the rare and not the typical book titles you would see in a bookstore. A few of these examples are The Makioka Sisters by Tanizaki; Writers & Lovers by Lily King; On Earth, We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Voung, etc. 

  • Online bookshop
  • IG Account: @barthesandnovels
  • Genre: Variety of printed materials

Tsundoku Books

Book hunting takes forever especially if we couldn't find the perfect shop. However, Tsundoku Books might be one of your best options. Same with what the name suggests, finding books to add to your TBR pile won't be difficult if you explore in this online bookstore. One of the best finds to spot here is mostly from Asian authors and the classic ones. To name a few, there are books from Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Margaret Atwood, and Haruki Murakami. All of these are definitely up for grabs, but make sure to dibs on it quickly. 

  • Online Bookstore
  • IG Account: @btsundokubooks
  • Genre: Variety of printed materials

C & E Bookshop

Initially, this bookshop venture in the business of distribution and reprinting of different medical and science books. They obtained copyright licenses from popular international publishers which made it safe to purchase from them. At the peak of the 21st century, they transitioned to publishing thurst. As a result, C & E Bookshop is now considered as the leading supplier in providing top-tier educational products. Ever since 1993, they have been adapting to the trends and culture emerging for a couple of years. No wonder they provide books that are up-to-date, relevant, and innovative.

  • Online and Physical shop
  • Website:
  • Location/s: C.M Recto; Dapitan; Valenzuela, and Quezon Avenua
  • Genre: Educational books


Powerbooks considered itself as a pioneer in providing excellent book titles among its customers. In the Philippines, a lot of readers of all ages patronize their products. The book shop stores a long list of books in different genres. Making certain that they have the most relevant selection of titles on their piles of books. Recently, they conducted a series of promos and sales for their dedicated customers.

  • Online and Physical Store
  • Website:
  • Location:
  • SM Cebu, Cebu City
  • Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
  • Ayala Town Center, Alabang Muntinlupa City
  • EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City
  • FB & IG Account: @powerbooksstore
  • Book Genre: Variety of printed materials

Omniana Books & Artwork

Omniana displays books that are eye candy on their online catalog. For a reader that is fond of fictional books, this can be your treasure trove. Your eyes will feast on the stunning covers of the books here and a heart in glee for its amazing literature. Some of the rare books found in their book pile are "The Odyssey" and "Beauty is a Wound". Aside from this, Omniana provides curated works from amateur to renowned visual artists, too.  Stay updated on their collection if you wish to see more contemporary selections that touch the rich culture of Southeast Asian countries.

  • Online Bookstore
  • Website:
  • IG Account: @omnianaph
  • Book Genre: Variety of printed materials

Book Fellas 

Book Fellas is an independent bookshop that sells secondhand books. Since they specialize in providing used books, expect that the prices are budget-friendly. Explore books that bring classic and nostalgia in the contemporary era. In addition, they also store a lot of titles that are difficult to grab in most bookstores. Most of these great finds are Women in Love by D.H Lawrence; Gold Coast by Elmore Leonard; The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare; and many more.

  • Online & Physical bookstore
  • FB Account: @BookFellasPH
  • Location: Diliman, Quezon City
  • Book Genre: Fiction & Classic

Dear Books

Dear Books primarily focuses on selling books for kids. On their website and social media accounts, you would observe the vibrant and awesome play of colors. Interestingly, the overall aesthetics of their shop screams books that are meant for the children. Also, creating an attractive pull to purchase and help with their initiative. D.E.A.R. is an acronym for their cause which means to Drop Everything And Read. Ellinor Ferriol, the Founder, believes that reading should be accessible regardless of gender, age, and socioeconomic status. No wonder the shop has a huge fanbase from their dedicated customers. 

  • Online bookstore
  • FB & IG Account: @dearbooksph
  • Website:
  • Book Genre: Children’s, Teen & Young Adult

TBR Store — The Bargain Reader

TBR or The Bargain Reader store is one of the trusted online bookstores in the Philippines. Established in 2018, the team behind this bookshop takes pride in staying grounded with their mission and vision to the Filipino community. They provide great imaginative stories to bring color to the life of their readers. Aside from that, they make certain that there is constant and better access to reading books while incorporating the quality features of online solutions.

  • Online bookstore
  • FB & IG acc: @thebargainreader
  • Website:
  • Book Genre: General Fiction & Business self-help

Vibal Shop

Vibal Shop is an affiliated online bookshop from Vibal Foundation that was established in 2007. Like any other Filipino-centered mission and vision, they are passionate about enriching Filipinos' appreciation and knowledge towards the country's arts, culture, and history through their insightful and beautiful resources at hand. 

Their famous imprints include Filipiniana Clasica, Academia Filipina, Arte Filipino, Fifty Shades of Philippine Art, and many more.

Aside from this, to help their initiative, they also have three landmark projects to provide open and free knowledge among Filipinos. These are WikiPilipinas, e-Turo, and 

  • Online & Physical bookstore
  • FB & IG acc: @vibalgroup
  • Shop:
  • Website:
  • Book Genre: Textbooks, Reference books, Scholarly books, Supplements, and Children's books

Tahanan Books

Serving the Filipino community for two decades now, Tahanan Books has published a hundred titles that touch Philippine pop culture, folktales, gift books, and science books. "Tahanan" is a Filipino translation of the word home which signifies that the love of reading and learning begins at home. Moreover, Tahanan Books aims to nurture and foster young Filipinos passion for learning. 

Celebrating its 20 years since founded, Tahanan hopes to continue their commitment in creating books that changes the lives of a person into a passionate reader.

  • Online & Physical bookstore
  • FB & IG acc: @TahananBooks
  • Shop:
  • Website:
  • Location: Unit 402 Cityland 3 Building, 105 V.A. Rufino corner Esteban Streets 1229 Makati, Philippines
  • Book Genre: Textbooks, Reference books, Scholarly books, Supplements, and Children's books.

OMF Literature

OMF Literature is a publishing house and a bookshop that was established to become a haven for Christians. Without a doubt, their books are imported and locally obtain which are Christ-centered, culturally relevant, and biblically sound. This shop serves as a movement for those who honor God and maximizing the features of books to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and promote spiritual growth; particularly, for the Filipinos abroad and in the Philippines. 

  • Online & Physical bookstore
  • FB & IG acc: @omflit
  • Website:


  • 776 Boni Avenue
  • Mandaluyong City 1550
  • Metro Manila
  • Gov. Cuenco Ave corner El Dorado Subdivision, Banilad, Cebu City
  • G/F Mitaji Building, Tiongko corner Mapa Streets, Davao City
  • Book Genre: Christian Books

The majority of the population maximize the isolation to explore things they were able to miss out on due to lack of time. As a result of lockdown, reading becomes a physical necessity to help make through the difficult situation. The strict health protocols have forced bookshops to close their physical store and transition to digital space. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this. 

With this article, hopefully, the readers will be redirected to their passion for reading as they scan and stumble upon their favorite bookshops. This article might be of help as a guide to buying an affordable brand new and used books in the Philippines.