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Good Books to Help Reflect This Holy Week

Good Books to Help Reflect This Holy Week
Whatever way you prefer to honor the Lent season, we want to ensure that you have a life-changing book to keep you company. Irreverent or pious, here are a few thought-provoking reads we recommend for the season.


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This week starts with Palm Sunday on April 10, celebrating Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem. Over the week, services that have been carried out for many years to recognize the Last Supper; Jesus's wrongful arrest, trial, and crucifixion; and, finally, the rising of Jesus from the dead on Easter Sunday. It's a week of earnestness and celebration.

To recognize this important week, this article highlights books that touch our souls. Most especially to reflect on the different aspects of our life for repentance, compassion, and remorse. Fortunately, a various online bookstore in the Philippines makes it easier to grab a copy of these books.


1.  The Untethered Soul

Written by Michael A. Singer, this is a great gateway to exploring our spirituality and learning more from it, especially since it is written in plain language. As you read throughout the book, expect to always find yourself nodding your head. To add, it consists of 20 conscious themes namely energy, witnessing, consciousness, openness, heart, liberation, centeredness, growth, letting go, and transcendence. 

The author narrates about becoming free from the limitations, soaring beyond the walls being built, finding freedom and inner peace, and learning to steer your emotions and thoughts. Perhaps, we were a bit out of our comfort zone, however, keep your heart open and don't close any significant opportunities. The path to meaningful and unconditional happiness begins here. 


2. When You’re Ready, This Is How You Heal

Brianna Wiest's book collection of essays helps you find your inner sanctum and embark on the path of true transformation. 

We all reach a point where a small, scary feeling confuses us especially if it's hard to figure out the cause of it. It gets worse and convinces us that something bad is about to happen. Then, you realize that what you can't see right now is that nothing is really wrong. 

When you are ready to heal, the past come up flashing back in vignettes and blinks. Eventually, you stand up and witness how your world begins to change. Spend the rest of the holy week by getting yourself a copy in this online bookstore from the Philippines.


3. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

One of the themes of Lent is almsgiving, specifically, giving more to those who are in need by eliminating the need to spend on things that don't matter. Greg McKeown's book explains how to practice contentment in life. We may have the capacity to live a grandiose lifestyle, especially with more choices and connectivity, but it comes with more social pressure and distractions. As a result, we tend to overlook what truly matters. 

Essentialism is fundamentally about reassessing our current life and taking back our control over it. When directed purposefully, the same amount of energy brings us closer to our main goal. The essentialist mindset involves these shifts: choose, discern, and trade-offs.

With greater purpose, presence, and clarity, you'll find more joy in life and living and eventually become a light to others who badly need it. Get one at one of the online bookstores in the Philippines.