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A year of self improvement: Best books to read for beginners

Books to read 2023
How often do you read books that aim to help you better yourself? Do you wish to grow and change as a person? This new year, is this the major glow-up you’re fervently looking forward to?

In that case, the only question is which book to pick. There are likely thousands upon thousands of books dedicated to helping readers better themselves. Books are written in the twenty-first century by authors who want to help readers in some way by sharing their experiences, insights, or research. They cover everything from personal stories to popular psychology, from improving your mind and productivity to keeping healthy relationships.

Self-help books have become increasingly popular in recent decades, and now there are more of them available than any one person could ever read in a lifetime. But in today's busy world, it can be challenging to find the time to read just one book, let alone a dozen.

By putting the best nonfiction books in the world, like hundreds of best-selling self-help books, in one place, Gregory makes it easy to get insights from all areas of human knowledge quickly. 
See some of our best-selling self-help titles if you're interested in improving your well-being in 2024.
Best book for self improvement


Book: Limitless
Author: Jim Kwik
The main idea of Limitless is that the only thing that is genuinely unlimited is the human mind and that any limits we may have are all in our own heads. To get more done, you need to eliminate the limits in your thinking, drive, and actions. To use these features, you must either eliminate these limitations or switch to a more robust system or operating system. 
Reading this book will challenge your preconceptions about your abilities. You are encouraged to, as the title suggests, reach for the stars. I think that's a fantastic message to receive now that a virus 1,000 times smaller than a grain of sand has brought entire communities and world markets to a grinding and jarring halt. Now is as good a time as any to let our imaginations run wild.
This book is certainly worth reading and applying; grab a copy of Limitless.
 Best book for self improvement


Book: Atomic Habits
Author: James Clear

If you want to change your life for the better, Atomic Habits is the book for you. In just four simple steps, it will show you how to replace harmful routines with more productive ones and ultimately transform your life for the better.

When a routine starts to define who you are, you've reached the pinnacle of intrinsic motivation. I could say that I'm the type of person who would benefit from this, but that's not saying much. To claim that "I" am this sort of person is a very different thing.

Validation of a new identity calls for fresh proof. The same old outcomes will be achieved with the same old voting patterns. Nothing will change if nothing changes. The procedure consists of two easy steps: set your sights on the kind of person you want to be. Start with easy victories and build confidence that way.

Devote your time and energy to reading Atomic Habits in the month of February.


Best book for self improvement


Book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Author: Stephen R. Covey

The book starts by talking about how many people with impressive resumes still feel a strong need to work on themselves and build better relationships with other people.

According to Covey, our individual perspectives determine how we interpret external events. To change our surroundings, we must first change ourselves, and to change ourselves; we must be able to see things from different points of view.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People catalyze a never-ending cycle of progress and development. 


Best book for self improvement


Book: The Compound Effect

Author: Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is the best book that shows how powerful the compound effect can be. The main point is that even modest efforts pay off in the long run. Due to the way the compound effect works, bad habits can lead to financial ruin. Darren will talk about the advantages of the compound effect and how to get the most out of it. This book is required reading for anyone who has trouble bringing about the changes they know they need to make.

The term "compound effect" refers to the idea that you can get the most benefits by making a series of decisions that get slightly better each time. Though the compound effect's payoffs are enormous, individual efforts may seem minuscule. The Compound Effect’s benefits are minimal and not instantaneous. 

Best book for self improvement


Book: Think and Grow Rich

Author: Napoleon Hill

Hill says that the way to succeed is to pick one thing you really want and work your tail off to make it happen. It could be years before you see any results, but if you keep at it, you will get there.

Wishing for financial success will not lead to any success. But if you want to be wealthy so badly that you're willing to obsess over your success, carefully plot out your steps, and refuse to accept defeat as an option, you will succeed and become wealthy.

Think and Grow Rich has become a classic because of the unique way it combines philosophy and spirituality. It has inspired business leaders, CEOs, and independent thinkers for generations. To take charge of your life and your future, read this book during the month of May.
Best book for self improvement


Book: Psychology of Money

Author: Morgan Housel

Each of us has a unique perspective on the world because of the unique experiences we have had. So, people of different ages, walks of life, and cultural backgrounds have different ideas about how much a dollar is worth. A person who endured childhood hunger or grew up in affluence will view "risks" and "rewards" differently than someone who has always had access to both.

When it comes to money, Morgan Housel has been putting pen to paper since 2008. Based on what he learned from his study, he concluded that things other than hard work and calculations are more important to a person's financial success.

This book discusses 18 related biases, flaws, behaviors, or ways of thinking that affect your financial success. It also talks about the author's breakthroughs, ideas, and feelings about money through a series of short stories and chapters. These factors collectively constitute your psychology of money.


Best book for self improvement


Book: Magic of Thinking Big

Author: David Schwartz

You can get through any problem if you learn to see things from different points of view and grow as a person. This is true whether you're stuck on a project or in a relationship. Yet ambitious planning is not the same as wild speculation. 

Start using the above tips immediately, and pay attention to how well the successful and unsuccessful people in your immediate area follow or ignore them. Throughout the book, David Schwartz tells stories and makes deep observations that go beyond the ideas in this book.

If you like the concepts presented here, you should definitely pick up a copy of the Magic of Thinking Big to get the full effect.


Best book for self improvement


Book: The One Thing

Authors: Gary W. Keller & Jay Papasan

Ask yourself, "What's the ONE thing you can do that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?" Be sure to jot that down because that is the central question of the book and because focusing on that thing can help you improve every other aspect of your life (per area).

If you want to make the most progress possible in the least amount of time, you should ruthlessly prioritize the items on your to-do list. The great thing about this question is that it lets you focus on a specific subject while also choosing a top priority.

As you are halfway through 2023, adding “The One Thing" to your list tells you how well you’re doing.


Best book for self improvement


Book: Deep Work

Author: Cal Newport

With an attention span shorter than a goldfish at only 8 seconds, Cal's plea to pay attention is more timely than ever. In Deep Work, Cal Newport goes deeper into the idea of deliberate practice than he did in his last book.

He also argues that focusing on a difficult task for a long time is a unique, valuable, and essential skill. The book's second section lays out four guidelines for developing a solid work ethic.

We highly recommend you explore the concept of Deep Work.

Best book for self improvement 


Book: How to Talk to Anyone

Author: Leil Lowndes

“What is that magic quality that makes some people instantly loved and respected?" Everyone wants to be their friend (or, if single, their lover). In business, they rise swiftly to the top of the corporate ladder. What is their “Midas touch?”

Successful communication is something the author has dedicated her life to teaching others. In her book, "How to Talk to Anyone," Liel Lowndes gives the reader 92 surefire ways to succeed in any social situation, from the first meeting to the advanced techniques that the most successful people use.

Ultimately, it all comes down to a higher level of interpersonal competence, which you will learn from How to Talk to Anyone.


Best book for self improvement


Book: 10% Happier

Author: Dan Harris

Dan Harris chronicles his efforts to improve his quality of life in 10% Happier. Insightful personal anecdotes and reflections from a person trying to find their way through life fill this book. Dan gives a lengthy presentation on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness and how they have changed his life.

Ultimately, it's up to you to prioritize your own life.

The correct response is whatever it is that brings joy to your life. Most people agree that learning to be compassionate, kind, and aware is the key to living a 10% happier life.


Best book for self improvement


Book: Ikigai

Authors: Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia

The Japanese term ikigai can be roughly translated as "the joy of the perpetual activity." The word "ikigai" comes from the combination of the Japanese characters for "life" (iki) and "be worthwhile" (gai).

It is the ikigai, the driving force behind each of us. It gives our lives purpose and allows us to continue giving of ourselves until the end. The purpose of life is to find one's ikigai, and if one does not know what that is, it is one's mission to find it.

It gives us the most joy and purpose to strive for and improve our ikigai on a daily basis when we know what it is. Whatever the challenges, those who understand their ikigai will always act on them. And Ikigai is the best way to round out the year of self-development.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s not easy to jump into the self-help culture and expect to resurface in a sober, reflective state. It takes time, practice, and patience to learn how to apply the principles of self-help in your life.

But if you take it one step at a time and stay dedicated, the benefits can be profound. Have you read any of these books? What has been your experience? Let us know in the comments!