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7 Best Places to Read

7 Best Places to Read

Where you read your favorite books plays a significant role in associating them with memories that seem sentimental for you. It instantly allows you to do a quick flashback of how you enjoyed reading it the first time. And, we can't deny that these connections are beautiful. Whenever the book's name comes to mind, it's as if you can immediately smell the freshly brewed coffee or the cozy cushion of your sofa. 

But, oftentimes, it calls for unwelcome memories like reading on hot weather or while sitting on a slightly nasty floor. 

So, while you have the will to read just anywhere you want, consider choosing places that are comfortable and desirable to read. 

Here are 8 terrific places to spend your reading time and a few suggestions which book is suitable in each place. 


1. Sitting on a chair near a bonfire

Surely, you find this first option cliché. Believe it or not, the warmth and crackling sound are beyond satisfying accompaniments to your reading. While burying yourself to its pages, the natural sounds serve as an additional chime in the air as if you are listening to an ASMR. 

You may also make use of the fire by utilizing it as your hourglass; where you continue reading until the fire goes out.  This kind of setting makes you want to read historical fiction and classic books.  


2. At the park

This is the epitome of delight and leisure. If there's one thing that can beat a mundane Saturday, that would be reading a book in your favorite park. Despite sitting on a half-decent bench, we continue to spend our time in parks. The place instantly speaks differently once a book is in our hands. Especially if we are doing it under a tree, taking a shade, and watching our surroundings take place.

Literature and parks complement each other very well and that’s a fact. It's justifiable to recommend Wilfred Owen or Siegfried Sassoon. 


3. Libraries

The majority of the people, bookworms or not, always have that great reading experience in this place. The excitement and rush building inside, searching for that one book that sweeps off our feet to another realm. It really is different, especially with the varying sizes of books, open-shelf libraries, and strangers who have the same objective as you. 

Plus, this is a highly suggested place if you are on a spree to find the book you never knew you've always wanted. Huddle over little treats like Knut Hamsun's Victoria and the seemingly ultra-rare Zenobia by Gellu Naum. 


4. Cafes

These days, coffee shops are treated as a hang-out place for people who want to continue their business affairs on their laptops while sipping a caffeinated drink. But, if you look at it closely, people still opt for choosing it as their go-to to read books. 
Listening to the coffee beans getting brewed, and the unique and familiar smell of the shop adds the thirst to read an interesting work of art. However, we can't also deny the fact that fewer people are doing this, as most of them are not into it anymore. Sadly, the evolution of technology has somehow changed the culture inside these shops.

5. Bus/Train

It's interesting and beautifully weird that even amidst the busy bustle and hustle of people, we find time to reach out for a book and read it. Sure, it's difficult to remain focus if from time to time, people accidentally bumps on you, shout in the distance, and sit beside someone whose music looks like blasting off his ears. 
Suppose, it's safe to assume that all we hope is that someone notices how great to read whilst traveling. That you don't have to be in somewhere fancy, as long as you can do your thing— that's fine. It would be best to read short novels and a tiny stack of novellas for a quick daily dose of imagination before starting your day at work.


6.  Bed.

One of the reasons we associate this spot is because it is the most versatile location to spend reading with. Yes, it sounds cliché, but you got to admit, whenever you feel too lazy to go somewhere else, the bed becomes the perfect invention humankind has ever created. Most TV shows and movies emphasize a character's dimension and depth by showing them reading in their bed. 

No wonder, our bed proves to be like our reading blanket. Plus, feeling sleepy won't be a problem because you are hanging out in a place where you sleep in. Books that are suitable to read here are those genres with a topic that stimulates your thoughts and imagination.


 7. Airplane

This might sound unusual to people who aren’t fond of traveling. But, believe it or not, there are people who find joy reading in airplanes. Especially whenever there's a delay on a flight, a good book saves you from long and boring waiting. The best type of book to bring with you is a small stack of short novels and novellas. So, it won't be too heavy or bothersome to carry.