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5 Common Myths About Reading

5 Common Myths About Reading

One thing that all the readers have in common is that they all have strong opinions. It is undeniably true that we feel a strong emotion about books. Whether it's a book we like, hate, or our personal reasons in choosing a book— we are extremely passionate about it. To the point that we'll challenge a debate if someone dares to question our reasons.

Does it ring any bell? Have you received a comment that reading ePubs isn't reading a book? It did hurt a nerve, didn't it?

Sometimes, though, passionate opinions turn into a misstatement. Then, later on, be circulated as a nonsensical would-be 'fact'. They are what we call myths. Well, no matter what they say, it isn't true. 

Here are five misconceptions about reading that we should forget about:


1. "Fiction books teach you nothing"

We hear this all the time. Every avid reader hearing this would be bothered with such rude comments. No wonder it makes them upset or angry. 

If you think reading one won't give you any learning benefits, then, clearly, you're reading the wrong book. 

Sure, the novel can serve as an excuse why you haven't learn anything. But to say that reading fiction books, especially the classic ones, doesn't make sense nor is a fact.

Fiction is an effective teaching method in giving an important lesson to people of all ages. 

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2. "Reading is a waste of time"

Usually, this statement comes from a non-reader who judges you for spending time reading a book. Well, you can't blame them to think like that since they just don't understand how relaxing reading can be. 

Truth is, everyone has the time to explore a book. It's just a matter of time management and priorities. If you have time binge-watching all sorts of movies, then, so as with reading.

Adding this leisure activity surely won't mess up your clock every day. 


3. “Reading too fast affects my comprehension”

Some research shows that speed and comprehension don’t have a significant relationship together. Reading or skimming won't increase nor decrease your understanding of a book. Whether you innately have a good comprehension depends on how much you can extract and remember important details from the reading material— not on speed reading. 

If you concentrate on your objective for reading for example, locating the main idea, details— and concentrating to find only this information, both your comprehension and speed increase.


4. “Any comments about the book aren't welcome”

News flash: Everyone's opinions count! By chance, a lot of readers are reluctant in expressing their views about a book. There's a possibility that one of the main reasons why, is that it stems from insecurity.

We often think like, If I tell them that this passage symbolizes more than it says, will they laugh at me? Or, If I speak about this, will they see it as an uneducated and ridiculous opinion? 

But guess what? Everyone else might be thinking the same as you did. Maybe slightly different. Less exaggerated. Regardless, speaking out about what you think won't make you less of a person. Don't be afraid to be bold.

You don't have to be a literary professional to have a legitimate opinion. 

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5. The true essence of reading can only be found in a selected genre

There are those certain individuals who invalidate your love of reading because your preferred genre doesn't match theirs. These people are often called book snobs. 

Honestly speaking, we all have gone through this phase. Where we become a book snob. Well, good thing we are way over that now. 

What's important is you read what you're passionate about. It makes it easier to extract and retain information from books that are your cup of tea. Regardless of what a book snob tells you, don't mind them. Later on, they'll realize on their own that reading books vary depending on people's preferences. 

Truth is, as long as your enjoying your book, you're reading. That’s saying a lot more and only a few people can boast that these days. 


You. can't. go. wrong. with. reading. 

We should cultivate a safe and positive culture in the reading community that whatever they read shouldn't be invalidated. A person who reads should be commended for doing so.

Instead of raising eyebrows to those who don't share the same book interest as you, appreciate that they chose to spend their time reading. After all, it's rare to see people of all ages have time in reading. 

Whenever someone mocks or judging you for this significant leisure activity, just smile and continue doing your thing. Continue reading and forget that they exist.