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4 Self-Love Books You Want to Read More Than Once

4 Self-Love Books You Want to Read More Than Once

This year, begin doing things right by learning to appreciate yourself more.


In contrast to what most people believe, setting aside time for yourself isn't selfish. It's necessary. We are living in a time of communication and confidence. From the friendly teacher to the charismatic doctor or the motivational life coach, at each age and level, people are impelled toward certain people who are confident and self-reliant. 

Self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth are all equivalent to the general term 'self-love'. They are established that designate the way we look or perceive ourselves; whether as individual entities and present our qualities to the world. Having humbled confidence is the key to a meaningful life, and building your self-esteem is the beginning of it.

Building self-reliance and self-esteem is a matter of concern in the present day. With the help of recent advancements in literature and science, fortunately, we now know what to do. 

This article will bring forth a few of the best and highly-recommended books of the 21st century regarding related topics about self-esteem. The suggested books are evidence-based and practical and help enlighten our philosophies in life.



1. The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

Getting caught up in the materialistic world oftentimes makes you wonder more in limbo. You lose track of your purpose in life and the path you are meant to walk on. It's no wonder this has caused us to feel lost and chase misguided principles in life. Michael Singer's Untethered Soul explores your inner landscape. We have been tied on the idea of running after something that doesn't work e.g., joy, love, happiness, etc. This book allows us to reassess how we perceive the world; to maximize the blessing of controlling our thoughts and shifting our thinking that most positively benefits us. 



2. Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness

For people who are dedicated to self-mastery and personal development, it is indeed a constant difficulty to find equilibrium between loving your life and who you are right now amid improvement. This non-fiction literature is broken down into smaller sections. This covers a wide variety of topics that often touches on aversing negative people, choosing the suitable circle for you, rethinking your beliefs, affirmations, and the powerful essence of your thoughts. As someone who has a hard time liking a non-fiction book, this book makes it more reader-friendly and easy to read.



3. The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness

The author, Naval Ravikant, is renowned for being an investor, former CEO of AngelList, and serial entrepreneur. According to Ravikant, money is merely a tool used to pass on wealth. Thus, the saying, "wealth is not money". Wealth pertains to business ideas, products, inventions, or computer programs. You have to obtain leverage to be assisted in applying your talent and knowledge that positively contributes to building your wealth. With this book, you can see effective principles worthy to be read by you.




4. When Breath Becomes Air

Paul Kalanithi is a neurosurgeon at Stanford University, who is, unfortunately, diagnosed with severe lung cancer during his mid-thirties. This book serves as his memoir wherein he scribbles down how he faces death with grace and appreciates life. Although the author's situation is inherently sad, this book is worth reading especially to those who are in pursuit of searching for meaning in their time in the world.

From academic achievements to social bonds, with the right balance of self-esteem and confidence in our lives. As such, we can seek and flourish happiness from within. Knowing from these fundamental elements can prepare you for the journey in accelerating your success. The resources and books mentioned in this article mark the start of cultivating an inner potential and giving yourself a realistic view of the absolute meaning of self-contentment.